2012 AOHCC Convention – Washington D.C.


A celebration comes from our labor of love…
It was something to celebrate, the launching of a new publication about the 24 Distinguished Kama`aina of Kane`ohe Bay, honored on Dec. 17th at Kokokahi YWCA.  The Ko`olaupoko Hawaiian Civic Club extends its deepest mahalo nui loa to the Castle Foundation and the Office of Hawaiian Affairs, whose grants helped the club complete the printing of this new book, install the ahupua`a boundary markers, and – from OHA – carry out a cultural retreat this past summer.  The book launch dinner also honored OHA trustee Haunani Apoliona for her years of effort on behalf of Native Hawaiians.  Kudos go to Paulette Tam who, with a hard-working committee, carried out the planning and implementation of the book launch and dinner.  Committee co-chair was Alice Hewett; sub-committee chairs included Teri and Clifford Loo, Shandry Lopes, Leilani Jones-Tollefsen, Janine Tully, Francine Gora, Mahealani Cypher, Kona & Ed Pelekai, Carol Bright, Shirley Kaluhiwa and Harriet DeCosta.  Congratulations also to the team that put together the new publication, including writers Mahealani Cypher, Janine Tully and Kimberly Moa and graphic designer Jill Akana.  Mahalo also to contributors Kawaikapuokalani Hewett and Liko Hoe.

We honor and say mahalo to the Hawaiian Civic Club of Honolulu…
The Ko`olaupoko Hawaiian Civic Club was especially grateful to Manu Boyd, president of the Hawaiian Civic Club of Honolulu, and his members for nominating our club for the prestigious Prince Jonah Kuhio Kalaniana`ole Award, given by the Association of Hawaiian Civic Clubs at its annual convention.  Our club was selected for this award at the recent convention held at Turtle Bay Resort in Kahuku in late October.  Mahalo nui loa to Manu and his members; and a special mahalo to Kehau Watson, who prepared the nomination.  Congratulations also go to Manu, who was recognized as the most outstanding Hawaiian Civic Club member by the Association.

To save a heiau, we go to malama…
Ko`olaupoko HCC members were enthusiastic about the opportunity to malama Kukuianiani Heiau on Saturday, Oct. 22nd.  This important wahi kapu sits on lands under the control of the City & County of Honolulu, and the civic club has been its curator for the past 9-10 years.  Mahalo to Keoni Fox and Aaron for clearing the area and caring for this site so well.  Many thanks also to our members, to Keoni’s neighbors, and especially to the Kamaka `ohana, whose ancestral kupuna were the kahuna of the heiau.

Working hard to prepare for convention, and supporting our place…
Many hearts and hands are needed to raise adequate funds for convention, and our club is deeply grateful to Teri and Clifford Loo and Kona and Ed Pelekai for spearheading our fundraising this past year.  The most recent fundraisers included `Onipa`a at `Iolani Palace, where we raised funds to support our leased offices in the Atrium building, and at Queen Emma Summer Palace, where we raised monies to send our delegates to the convention.  Many thanks to our members who donated or who came to help out.  We are also appreciative of the kokua given us by Joe Pickard of Native Hawaiian Community Development Corporation, Jay Morford of Hawaiian Memorial Park, Kekoa Kaluhiwa of First Wind, Paul Zweng and the Nature Conservancy for their kokua.

Coming together to preserve our heritage…
A highly successful cultural retreat in early August could not have been accomplished without the hard work and kokua of dedicated members of the Ko`olaupoko Hawaiian Civic Club.  Congratulations and mahalo to member-facilitator Aaron Mahi; project coordinator Mahealani Cypher; hospitality coordinator Rocky Kaluhiwa; food crew staffers Kona and Ed Pelekai and Teri and Clifford Loo; shuttle coordinator Shandry Lopes; and accommodations support Jessie DeCosta.  Heartfelt appreciation is extended especially to Dr. Joann Leong, who hosted us on Moku o Lo`e for the weekend and inspires us with her work; and to the U.S. Marine Corps Base Hawai`i – at Mokapu – for suspending the noisy training flights throughout the weekend. And it goes without saying – a huge mahalo nui loa to the Office of Hawaiian Affairs for sponsoring the event!  Thank you, too, members of the Ko`olaupoko `ohana – Jill Akana, Francine Gora, Lani Maa, and all our other wonderful members, for your support and kokua.

Our kupuna lead by example…
The Ko`olaupoko Hawaiian Civic Club is truly blessed by its kupuna leadership and members who tirelessly lead us by their example.  Our special mahalo is extended to our fearless president, Aunty Alice Hewett; our vice-president Rocky Kaluhiwa; and to all of our board members who give of their time and energies to kokua with the multitude of work that must be done every week of the year. 

They accomplished an amazing feat!
Congratulations and mahalo to some of our members who really worked their magic during this past legislative session:  Rocky and Jerry Kaluhiwa, Mahealani Cypher and Kanekoa Kukea-Shultz.  Our He`eia lo`i project bill, H.B. 389, was initially submitted to a senator; unfortunately, when the deadline has passed, our bill had not been introduced.  Facing up to the dilemma, our team went to the State Capitol and enlisted the help of another member – Rep. Ken Ito – who brought in the vice-chair of the House Land&Water committee, Rep. Sharon Har.  Between the two of them, and with help from many others, the language of our bill was inserted into H.B. 389 and the rest is history.  We are grateful, so grateful, to our members and friends at the Capitol who bless us with their hard work and friendship.

They care for our scholars…
One of our club’s most valuable – and valued – committees is our Education & Scholarship Committee, led by our amazing committee chair Cindy Turse.  On behalf of our civic club, many thanks go to Cindy and her excellent team members:  Georgi De Costa, Janine Tully, Cheryl Prince, Leinaala Davis, Sandi Adamson, Kimi Apiki, Barbara Robinson and Erika Liashenko. Cindy has done an excellent job with her committee, managing the many scholarship applications received every year, and they have developed a very fair process for evaluating the applicants.  We are very fortunate to have these great members in our Ko`olaupoko `ohana.

A day of Celebration in honor of our Ali`i…
We thank the hard working members of the Ko`olaupoko Hawaiian Civic Club for their hard work preparing for the recent Prince Kuhio Festival Parade and the Ho`ike`ike at Kapi`olani Park.  Special thanks to food booth committee honchos Teri Loo, Kona Pelekai, Clifford Loo, Jerry Kaluhiwa, Darryl Kong, Shirley Kaluhiwa, Carol Bright, Aunty Elizabeth Lau, Napua Kobashigawa, Haleaka Martin, Paulette Tam and many others who helped out in the booth; to Rocky Kaluhiwa, who designed a beautiful floral display for our parade vehicle, and to our President Alice Hewett, who smiled and waved as she rode down Kalakaua Avenue with driver Shandry Lopes and Alice’s mo`opuna Emmalani; and to Jessica DeCosta, who staffed our Ko`olaupoko exhibit table alongside new member Calvin Hoe, with a little kokua from Uncle Bert Akiona.  Maika`i, everyone!

A brief setback, but the Aloha and kokua were overwhelming
Much mahalo nui loa is extended to all of the generous people and organizations in our community who came forward to kokua with donations of tools and equipment, following the recent break-in and theft from our He`eia lo`i project managed by our non-profit partner, Kako`o `Oiwi.  A list of donors, when completed, will be posted on this site.  We are so grateful for everyone’s aloha and kokua.  With their help, our people are back at work restoring the lo`i kalo at He`eia.

Making history, connecting our people with the `aina…
With heartfelt gratitude, the Ko`olaupoko Hawaiian Civic Club extends its sincere mahalo to the many people who have helped make the Ko`olaupoko Ahupua`a Boundary project a huge success.  First of all, thank you to our funders – without whom we could not have carried the project this far – the Harold K.L. Castle Foundation and the Office of Hawaiian Affairs. We especially acknowledge Terry George and Mitch D’Olier of Castle, and trustee Haunani Apoliona and grants staff Nancy King of OHA, for helping us along the way.  Mahalo also to the State Dept. of Transportation and its staff, and to the City Dept. of Transportation Services, for guiding us and helping us make these signs a reality:  former DOT director Brennan Morioka, DOT staff members including landscape architect Chris Dacus, Mike Medeiros, Ed Sniffen and Pratt Kinimaka; city DTS director Wayne Yoshioka and his staff Mark Kikuchi, Claude Matsuo and Sara Toyama; Jimmy Lota of the City Dept. of Community Services; and Councilmembers Ernie Martin and Ikaika Anderson. 

Our community partners were awesome as well. Mahalo nui loa to the organizations that joined our steering committee, including the Kailua Hawaiian Civic Club (Ryan Kalama, Martha Yent, Chuck Burrows); Waimanalo Hawaiian Civic Club (Ku`ulei Laughlin); Maunalua Hawaiian Civic Club (Daniel Naho`opi`i); and the neighborhood boards – Liko Hoe and Art Machado of the Kahalu`u NB; Bill Sager and Sherrie Au of the Kane`ohe NB; Chuck Prentiss of the Kailua NB; Wilson Kekoa Ho and Mike Buck of the Waimanalo NB; and Gary Weller of the Hawaii Kai NB. We also send our mahalo to Donna Wong of Hawaii’s Thousand Friends, and to Mary Steiner of The Outdoor Circle, with whom we consulted during the planning of this project.

For the major event on Friday, Jan. 28th, unveiling of the first boundary sign at Aikahi Park Shopping Center, special thanks go to Kako`o `Oiwi for helping with the tent and chairs; and to Hawaii Maoli’s excellent staff for bringing the tables and additional chairs, and for all their help with the grants for this project. Mahalo to Liko Hoe for providing the opening oli, to Aaron Mahi who served as our excellent M.C., to Ryan Kalama who offered the blessing, to Mayor Peter Carlisle who came out to support us and helped unveil the signage, and to all the others who took time on a busy day to be there for this important occasion.

Last, but not least, we are very proud and grateful for the members of this club – the Ko`olaupoko Hawaiian Civic Club – who are always there to kokua when help is needed. Thank you to Kona and Ed Pelekai for catering the food and helping with the makana; to Harriet DeCosta, Napua Kobashigawa and Haleaka Martin for preparing the makana; to Aaron Mahi, who served as a wonderful master of ceremonies; to Shandry Lopes, Rocky and Jerry Kaluhiwa for handling the lei distributions; to Jill Akana who designed and produced the beautiful programs and favors; and to Teri and Clifford Loo for preparing the ono noodles and helping with countless other things that needed to be done. Congratulations go to our project coordinators, Mahealani Cypher and Rocky Kaluhiwa!    

With music and merriment, carrying cheer to others…
The Ko`olaupoko Hawaiian Civic Club’s choral group were able to present their singing talents and happy spirits during the holiday season by serenading our kupuna at Ann Pearl Convalescent Home on Waikalua Road in Kane`ohe, and by taking their music to those confined at Hawai`i State Hospital.  These three concerts were a joy to present and, hopefully, brought joy to those who were confined.  Mahalo to choral director Aaron Mahi, and to Chaplain Jason Hew of the State Hospital who helped facilitate the concerts.

A memorable occasion, worthy honorees…
Members and friends of the Ko`olaupoko Hawaiian Civic Club honored Rev. Bob Nakata, Aaron Mahi and the late Edgar Jones at their recent annual Distinguished Kama`aina awards dinner, which was made even more memorable by the remarkable teamwork and support of our club’s volunteers and board members.  Kudos to Carol Bright and Shirley Kaluhiwa, who did a terrific job selling baked goods and crafts in the country store; to Haleaka Martin, Harriet DeCosta and Napua Kobashigawa for the beautiful and successful scholarship benefit silent auction; to Rocky Kaluhiwa and her helpers with the lovely centerpieces and room decorations; to the Pelekai `ohana for the ono food; to Leilani Jones-Tollefsen for her hard work managing the tickets and accounting; to entertainers and musicians Jerry Santos, Kama Hopkins, the Royal Hawaiian Band Glee Club, Uncle Bert Akiona with Aiko Pratt and Gwen Lee, and Kamuela; to Chancellor Douglas Dykstra and Lui Hokoana from Windward Community College for hosting us; and to the countless many others who helped, who participated, and – especially – those who donated to the event.  It was truly a memorable occasion – Ko`olaupoko is blessed with great people who go “above and beyond” to help our communities. 

A great day for the Kane`ohe Christmas Parade…
And a huge round of applause and mahalo to our hard-working volunteers who prepped and decorated the float, marched in the parade and distributed candies and flyers, and joined the gang on the float with wonderful mele Kalikimaka.  Many thanks go to the float committee and its talented leaders, Rocky Kaluhiwa and Teri Loo, along with the hard-charging team that put the float together, including Troy Kiyabu, Clifford Loo, Darryl Kong, Harriet DeCosta, Jerry Kaluhiwa, Napua Kobashigawa, Shandry Lopes, Bootsie Howard, Haleaka Martin, Kenneth Hee, Kamaileula Halualani-Hee, Shirley Kaluhiwa, Ed and Kona Pelekai, Mahealani Cypher and many others; and thanks to Jim Triplett for his kokua with some of the supplies. A special mahalo to Reynolds and Kealoha Kamekona and Kanekoa Trucking for the loan of their truck, and to Dickie Jones for the use of his flatbed, which was transformed into a work of art for the parade.  Deep appreciation is also in order for our musicians, Uncle Bert Akiona, Aaron Mahi, Bootsie Howard, Barbara Robinson, Jerry Kaluhiwa and Francine Gora; and for our dancers and singers, Kumu Pamai Tenn, Janine Tully, Harriet DeCosta, Napua Kobashigawa, Jerry Kaluhiwa, Clifford Loo, Cheryl Prince, Dana Barnum, Haleaka Martin, Rocky Kaluhiwa, Shirley Kaluhiwa, and Mahealani Cypher; and big smiles for our `opio representatives, Kealohi Kaluhiwa and Jahniyah Halualani-Hee.  Mahalo also to everyone who donated greens, flowers, supplies and refreshments for the workers.

For the Keauhou Bay Civic Club Convention…
To all of our dedicated Ko`olaupoko Hawaiian Civic Club members, a sincere mahalo nui loa for your hard work fundraising and preparing for the convention recently held in Kona.  Special appreciation goes to Teri Loo, our club’s convention coordinator, and to drivers Shandry Lopes, Rocky Kaluhiwa, and Erika Liashenko. 

A good day at Kalaepohaku…
Members of the civic club spent a busy Saturday recently on the campus of Chaminade University atop Kalaepohaku, at a meeting of the O`ahu Council of Hawaiian Civic Clubs, where elections were held for the new board that will lead the council in the year ahead.  Mahalo to Rocky and Jerry Kaluhiwa, Teri and Clifford Loo, Janine Tully, Shandry Lopes, Aaron Mahi, Noe and Uluwehi Baldemor and Mahealani Cypher for coming out to support our club’s candidates in the elections.  Congratulations to Mahealani, who was elected incoming president of the O`ahu Council, and to Teri Loo, who has been elected moku director for Ko`olau.

For the love of Ha`iku Valley…
Sunday, Sept. 26th, was a good day for the faculty and students from Castle High School, who journeyed up to the heights of Ha`iku valley to work on clearing invasive species from the slopes of Kanehekili Heiau.  On behalf of the civic club and the Ko`olau Foundation, mahalo nui loa to kumu Lehua, her alaka`i, and the hard-working teenagers of Kane`ohe who gave of their time in a labor of love for the wahi kapu.  Mahalo also to the many other volunteers who came to kokua.

Enlightening, inspiring, empowering…
We are deeply grateful to Melody MacKenzie of the William S. Richardson School of Law, Esther Kiaaina, chief advocate for the Office of Hawaiian Affairs, and Dr. Lilikala Kame`eleihiwa of the Kamakakuokalani Center for Hawaiian Studies, all of whom participated in a recent panel discussion sponsored by our civic club.  They addressed the questions most in our minds: what would be the impact upon kanaka maoli (native Hawaiians) when the Native Hawaiian Government Reorganization Act — also known as “The Akaka Bill” — passes.  They provided an excellent recap of the history of U.S.-Hawai`i relations since the illegal overthrow of 1893, explained the changes made in the legislation in recent months, and discussed possible benefits and limitations of the legislation once it is signed into law.  Mahalo nui loa to these fine wahine leaders in our Hawaiian community.

Putting the ‘Wow’ into a wonderful event…
It takes members with a giving spirit to put in the long hours and commitment with no thought of personal gain, and in the Ko`olaupoko Hawaiian Civic Club are such members. Mahalo nui loa to master floral designer/member Patti Bright Ramirez (Rim Architects), who led a team of volunteers — Charmaine Bright, Rocky Kaluhiwa, Harriet DeCosta, Napua Kobashigawa and Mahealani Cypher — in designing fabulous centerpieces and other decorations for the recent first annual fundraising event for the civic clubs’ non-profit partner, Hawai`i Maoli.  The event was held July 23rd at Ko`olau Golf & Country Club in Kane`ohe.  Hawai`i Maoli assists with seeking and managing grants for native Hawaiian organizations, programs and projects.  Maika`i! 

At Ha`iku Valley, they malama na wahi kapu…
A big mahalo nui loa to our awesome team of volunteers, Ka`ahakeuli Jury, Noe and Kaohu Stibbard, Marty Taum, Jill Adair, Mahealani Cypher and all the other volunteers who have come out every month to kokua with the cleaning of Kanehekili Heiau in Ha`iku Valley.  They are all doing a fine job clearing Kanehekili Heiau at Ha`iku-uka, awakening this important wahi kapu. 

It takes an energized membership to support future scholarships…
A big mahalo to our Annual Garage Sale chairperson Haleaka Martin and her energized team of committee chairs Shandry Lopes, Harriet DeCosta, Shirley Kaluhiwa, Andrea DeCosta, Janine Tully, Kona Pelekai, Clifford and Teri Loo, and our small army of workers who came out to help with the recent “Renewable Treasures” scholarship benefit held at He`eia Elementary School. A special mahalo to He`eia School for providing the venue for the sale, and to custodian “Mel” for facilitating with opening and closing.  We also want to thank Mahealani and Shandry’s team of workers from the Cultural Education & Mentoring program (funded through Alu Like), who came out to help with loading and unloading; Darryl, Jim Turse, and others who helped with transporting goods to the school; Uncle Clarence Kelley, Sandy Nichols and Aunty Mary Jenss for their donation of beautiful plants; Haleaka Martin’s `ohana; the 2010 scholarship recipients Ashlie Duarte-Smith, Jessica DeCosta, Mikki O`Phelan; Aunty Carol Bright, Cindy Turse, Julie Tomomitsu, Sandy Nichols, Tom Wenska and many others for their generous donation of goods, plants, and other items for the fundraiser; Aunty Alice for her help with sorting; Noe Stibbard for her help with signage and receiving donated goods.  Proceeds from the garage sale will be used for our scholarship fund. In addition, a portion of the proceeds from food sales will go toward the scholarship fund.

An exciting new program will create young cultural educators…
In a new partnership with Alu Like, the Ko`olaupoko Hawaiian Civic Club – with the help of Native Knowledge LLC – is training 10 Kane`ohe teenagers on the history, heritage of Hawaiian culture of the Kane`ohe and Ko`olaupoko area.  Mahalo to our volunteers Mahealani Cypher and Shandry Lopes, who have been taking the youths to wahi pana as part of their training, to our kupuna Aunty Alice Hewett and Rocky Kaluhiwa for helping with their orientation, and to Uncle Sol Nalua`i and Liko Kaluhiwa for working with the group on the lo`i kalo fields at He`eia.  This is part of a federally-funded summer youth employment program.

Remembering our core mission: to support our scholars…
Our civic club owes much of its success to our continuing effort to malama our youth and education program.  We extend our deepest mahalo to our Education & Scholarship Chairperson Cindy Mahina Turse and her excellent committee: Alice Hewett, Georgi DeCosta, Leina`ala Davis, Emma Frias and Erika Liashenko for their hard work reviewing all of our 2010 scholarship applications.  

Mahuahua Ai o Hoi work continues…
Our deep mahalo to the hard-working team of volunteers working to restore the kalo fields at He`eia these past few months, especially to the family of Rocky & Jerry Kaluhiwa, Kanekoa Kukea-Shultz, Brad Wong, Kalani Kaanaana, and all the rest of the gang.  The land lives and flourishes once again!

The tours enrich our community…
Our glassbottom boat tours continue to raise awareness in our community about the rich history and cultural resources of our Ko`olaupoko ahupua`a.  Mahalo to the terrific team of volunteers who helped out April 24th at He`eia-kea Pier, including cultural educators Jerry Kaluhiwa and Mahealani Cypher, and members Shandry Lopes, Harriet De Costa, Rocky Kaluhiwa, Kona Pelekai, Queenie Kobashigawa and Leah.

The grand move…
Our deepest mahalo nui loa to the family of Rocky and Jerry Kaluhiwa, Kanekoa Kukea-Shultz, B Kalani Kaanaana, Shandry Lopes, Shirley Kaluhiwa, Harriet De Costa, Elizabeth Lau, Malia and Kalai Sarah Kaluhiwa, Leilani Jones-Tollefson, Liko and Mahi Kaluhiwa, and Mahealani Cypher for all their kokua with our recent move from the second floor to our new first floor office in room 104 at the Kane`ohe Atrium Building.  Now we have room for many more programs! 

A celebration for the citizen Prince…
We are grateful to our members Pamai Tenn, Elizabeth Lau, Rocky and Jerry Kaluhiwa and their `ohana, Teri and Clifford Loo, Ed and Kona Pelekai and their `ohana, Shirley Kaluhiwa, Napua Kobashigawa, Harriet De Costa, Shandry Lopes, Haleaka Martin, Andrea De Costa, Julie Watson, Uncle Bert Akiona, Mahealani Cypher and all the other volunteers for the great job they did putting together the vehicle for the 2010 Prince Kuhio Parade and preparing and handling our food booth at Kapi`olani Park.  What an awesome team and a terrific spirit – mahalo to you all!

For coordinating compassionate support…
With our recent participation in the annual Walk for Diabetes, our civic club thanks Andrea Ilima De Costa for coordinating our participation in Team Kaho`onei, which exceeded its fundraising goal for our contributions to a very worthy cause.  Mahalo also to members Lisa Phee, Lia Carlson, Pamai Tenn and Mahealani Cypher for joining in the walk, and to our members and friends who made contributions to the team’s effort.
Congratulations and mahalo to some of our members who really worked their magic during this past legislative session:  Rocky and Jerry Kaluhiwa, Mahealani Cypher and Kanekoa Kukea-Shultz.  Our He`eia lo`i project bill, H.B. 389, was initially submitted to a senator; unfortunately, when the deadline has passed, our bill had not been introduced.  Facing up to the dilemma, our team went to the State Capitol and enlisted the help of another member – Rep. Ken Ito – who brought in the vice-chair of the House Land&Water committee, Rep. Sharon Har.  Between the two of them, and with help from many others, the language of our bill was inserted into H.B. 389 and the rest is history.  We are grateful, so grateful, to our members and friends at the Capitol who bless us with their hard work and friendship. 

With gratitude for generous kokua to our work…
If it were not for the generosity and help of the Harold K.L. Castle Foundation and the Office of Hawaiian Affairs, many of our projects would have been much more challenging and less successful.  From all of our members and our communities we extend our gratitude and mahalo to Mitch D’Olier, Terry George and the board of the Castle Foundation; and to Haunani Apoliona and the Trustees and staff of the Office of Hawaiian Affairs for your support.  Thanks are also extended to the staff and board of Hawaii Maoli, our fiscal non-profit partner, which has facilitated many of the grants that have come to help our community.

For their commitment to the Ko`olaupoko Hawaiian Civic Club…
A sincere mahalo nui loa to Kona Pelekai, Clifford Loo, the members of our fundraising committee and our general membership for doing such a terrific job coordinating and carrying out the Hawaiian plate and other fundraising events this past quarter – it has been a lot of work, but great for building fellowship and fun among our members. Maika`i!

Community outreach efforts…
Our community outreach efforts continue to build community awareness and support for the perpetuation of our Hawaiian culture.  Kudos to Rocky and Jerry Kaluhiwa and Mahealani Cypher for the work they are doing with our cultural tours and presentations at the State Capitol and in our community. 

For their help with Mahuahua Ai o Hoi…
Much mahalo to members Jonathan Kanekoa Kukea-Shultz and Brad Wong, our hard-working coordinators of the project to restore the kalo fields at He`eia (an area also known as “Hoi”), to the Nature Conservancy, to Tony Ching and the Hawai`i Community Development Authority, and to our many partners in the community and among government agencies who have helped make this important project a reality, and to the countless volunteers like Uncle Sol Naluai, Kalani Akana, Kahiwa Sumida-Aki and others who have come out to malama `aina and plant kalo for our people. 

We also extend many thanks to the Koaniani Fund of Hawai`i Community Foundation, NOAA and to the Coastal Zone Management program for their generous contributions to help us get started on the wetlands project and other work being done to preserve Hawaiian cultural practices. 

For the joy of music and dance…
We are ever grateful and have fond aloha for two of our kumu who have generously provided their time and talent to work with our members and friends to perpetuate our beautiful Hawaiian music and dance.  Aloha nui loa and mahalo to our choral director Aaron Mahi, who has patiently taught and sung with all of us at our weekly kani ka pila at the civic club office on Monday nights.  Aaron is world-renowned as the former bandmaster of the Royal Hawaiian Band, and his many musical talents as well as his knowledge of our Hawaiian history and the mo`olelo of our mele have greatly enhanced our understanding and enjoyment of the music.  A fond mahalo and aloha also to Kumu Earl Pamai Tenn, who has trained our members to perform the hula – both wahine and kane – and who enjoys so much the sharing of his personal stories behind the hula and the kupuna whose teachings he has passed to all of us through the dance.  Hula practice is every Thursday night at Windward Community College.


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Dedication of Punawai at Castle HS
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Board Meeting
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Monthly membership meeting. Potluck style dinner w/ business meeting to follow. Bring a dish to share!
10:00 am VOLUNTEERS- Food Booth Prep @ QLCC Kaneohe
VOLUNTEERS- Food Booth Prep @ QLCC Kaneohe
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