Ko`olau Foundation

Koʻolau Foundation is a cultural heritage preservation program. Our mission is to pursue and promote Hawaiian cultural and environmental practices, preservation and education.

For years Koʻolau Foundation and Koʻolaupoko Hawaiian Civic Club have been working together to ensure that the sacred lands and cultural areas of Ha`iku Valley are preserved and protected for generations to come.  In addition, we hope to restore the valley as a community cultural, education and environmental resource. Among the activities and programs envisioned for the area are:

  • Renovation of former Coast Guard OMEGA Station and conversion into a new Koʻolau Museum, along with restoration of utility infrastructure servicing all buildingsfor various uses
  • Cultural and environmental programs and activities with the ahupua`a of He`eia as a learning environment
  • Provide for kahuna laʻau lapaʻau to resume cultural healing practices
  • Establishment of native plant habitat and tropical gardens – clearing of invasive alien species and replacing with native or indigenous to the Hawaiian islands
  • Provide burial grounds for unclaimed iwi – respect for our iwi kapuna
  • Other activities to benefit the culturalm educational and spiritual needs of our community

 Aaron Mahi elected president of Ko`olau Foundation